The MAC Advantage

Arsenate AsO4Chromium CrPerchlorate CIO4Phosphate PO4

The MAC Advantage

ToxSorb's MAC delivers superior water filtration economics and cost-effectiveness, exemplified by four characteristics:


Selectivity / Affinity

  • Selectively removes target pollutants in the presence of known competitors in the water, e.g. Bicarbonate, Nitrate and Sulfate .
  • High affinity prevents captured pollutants being released back into the water


  • Longer-life Filters: Large surface area means filters last longer.
  • Reduces frequency of media regeneration: As high capacity combined with selectivity reduced the speed of saturation.



  • Minimizes need for filter replacement: Once saturated, MAC is effortlessly regenerated using inexpensive chemicals.
  • Less evacuation precipitate: Regenerated brine can be precipitated, reducing volume of contaminants requiring removal.



  • Improving energy conservation: High hydraulic conductivity allows operation of the filter system with very low head loss (approx. 0.2 bar).