Perchlorate CIO4

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Perchlorate CIO4

Perchlorate salts are industrially produced by the oxidation of sodium chlorate solutions by electrolysis. It is used predominantly in the munition industry as an additive in rocket fuel. Perchlorates are detrimental to the human endocrine system bydisrupting the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones needed for normal growth and development. Currently, the EPA is developing a proposed national primary drinking water regulation for perchlorate, but individual states like California have already set a MQL as low as 6ppm.


Perchlorate is found in groundwater supplies polluted with effluent from ammunitions factories and dry cleaning facilities. The issue of perchlorates in drinking water has recently become a major public concern in Israel and in the US, where perchlorate contamination has been reported in over 20 states.

ToxSorb for Drinking Wastewater

To date, ToxSorb presents the only technology on the market able to both adsorb and chemically reduce Perchlorates in water.  ToxSorb’s MAC media is designed to selectively remove Perchlorate from drinking water and industrial wastewater in competition with bicarbonate, nitrate, chloride and sulfates.  Not only does our media remove Perchlorate to the desired ppb level, but it renders it to a non-toxic brine during the regeneration phase.  

After successfully completing a 14-month drinking water pilot in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health has approved the implementation of ToxSorb's full-scale system to treat an estimated 100,000 m3/yr.This plant is estimated to be up and running by mid-2014.

ToxSorb’s media is NSF approved for drinking water (NSF Std 61).

ToxSorb for Industrial Wastewater

Presently, ToxSorb is developing a revolutionary new technology to remove high concentrations (+1,000 ppm) of perchlorate, found at the heart of many industrial cleanup sites in the aerospace sector. For more information on this solution please contact us.