HaKfar HaYarok Village, Israel 2017 – Perchlorate Filtration using Toxsorb’s Technology.

Based on a successful field pilot conducted by ToxSorb under the supervision of the Israeli Health and
Water Authority, Hakfar Hayarok selected ToxSorb to design, construct and operate a full-scale
drinking water treatment facility (100,000m3/yr) using its patented Modified Activated Carbon (MAC)
As a result of this successful technology demonstration, IWA granted Hakfar Hayarok an exemption
from the water production fee (i.e. pumping fee) for a period of 10 years, based on local treatment with
ToxSorb’s technology. Since ToxSorb’s cost of treatment is a much lower than the costs of alternative
drinking water supply, this translates into significant cost savings for the community.