Arsenate AsO4Chromium CrPerchlorate CIO4Phosphate PO4


Electroplating process usually results in wastewater generated during surface plating operations, where the metal is coated with varaity of heavy metals such us Chrome, Silver, Nickel, Copper and Zinc, and then being washed in order to preserve product high quality.


  1. The need to deal with regulatory authorities due to wastewater discharge into the sewage system
  2. Cascade washing basins usually require high water consumption in order to maintain high water quality required for the metal coating process

Our Solutions

  1. No Authority Regulations: ToxSorb’s Zero Liquid Discharge system does not discharge into the sewage system.
  2. Water Quality: ToxSorb ensures high quality water (i.e. low electro-conductivity) in the final washing basin, critical to the quality of the metal coating process.
  3. Water Savings: ToxSorb delivers substantial savings in water through the recirculating system.