Municipal Wastewater

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Municipal Wastewater

Phosphorus or phosphates cause many water quality problems including eutrophication, decreased recreational and conservation value of impoundments, loss of livestock and the possible lethal effect of algal toxins in drinking water. Therefore, most municipalities are obligated to control the level of phosphorous discharged from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Our Solution

ToxSorb delivers a major competitive advantage for the removal and recovery of phosphorus from municipal water by dramatically reducing the use of chemical coagulants, minimizing sludge and reducing costs, and at the same time retaining its beneficial aspects.

The majority of phosphate removal and recovery solutions employ a physical/chemical process that relies on coagulants This is costly and results in the production of large amounts of sludge.ToxSorb’s MAC technology uses adsorption to remove phosphates to below 1ppm, and also allows for phosphate recovery. Our solution uses 80-90% less chemicals and achieves a 75% reduction in costs.